About Nova-NE

We are never ashamed to admit we are not a big company in the industry. Because being small means we are more flexible and we can be more responsive to your specific needs. Being small also means being smart. We choose to work with leading companies in the industry, such as ET Solar and SAJ to provide more cost effective products and solutions to our customers around the globe. What delights us is that we are always on the same wavelength with our customers. Because both of us only care about 4 things- quality, reliability, high product efficiency and well-rounded customer service.

3 years is the history of our company, but we are a company built up by a group of professionals who have more than 10 years of industry experience. Their dedication and commitment to providing clients with highly reliable products, timely delivery and first-class customer service is the cornerstone of Nova-NE and is the reason why our clients worldwide choose to work with us continuously.

3 years is the history of our company, but now we have already enjoyed a stable and solid customer base in AUS, Southeast Asia and European markets. The growing number of our customer, as well as their loyalty, is the testament to the premier quality and fast service we promise.

3 years is the history of our company.

Tailor-made storage solution and solar energy solution are the 2 areas we solely focus on.

Our customer is the 1 and the only core of our business.