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Everyone is after the best products. We believe the so-called best products are nothing else but the ones that satisfy your specific and detailed needs. As an experienced and widely trusted solar product supplier, not only we provide high-quality, high-efficiency products, our professional know-how can also recommend the products that meet your needs, budgets and using conditions the most through our free consultation service

NOVA-NE, a partner that gets you your own "best products".


Inverter is another crucial part of your solar system. High-efficient, high-reliability inverters can maximize the output of your solar system and reduce the time to recoup your investment. In order to help our clients worldwide to better reap and capitalize on the energy from sunshine, NOVA-NE established a long-term strategic relationship with industry-leading inverter manufacturer-SAJ, who has more than 10 years of inverter developing and manufacturing experience and whose global shipment has reached more than 1 million sets

For you, the benefits of such a strategic relationship are immense. Because not only can you imbed top-quality, time tested inverters in your solar system, but also have your particular requirements taken care of by NOVA-NE premier customer service which adds value to your solar investments and facilitates your steps of going solar.