Our Solutions
NOVA-NE aims to bring clean energy at an affordable price to all the people around the world. By focusing on Smart Storage Solutions and High-efficiency Solar Solutions, we manage to channel solar power into your daily life seamlessly. With our innovative technology and solutions, not only our users largely cut their bill on electricity, but also become advocates for environment protection.

NOVA-NE is an innovative pioneer in storage industry and was founded by a group of dedicated top class R&D experts. By ploughing huge investment into the development and manufacturing of the safest and the most efficient storage solutions, we are making complete energy self-consumption a reality.

NOVA-NE EVEREST POWERPOOL Storage Solution adopts the most advanced LFP battery technology and sophisticated holistic manufacturing approach that innovatively builds all the functions into one cabinet. It features lower cost, longer lifespan, foolproof operation and zero maintenance, truly a revolutionized breakthrough to the people in areas where electricity is not sufficient or unpredictable.

EVEREST POWERPOOL Storage Solution, a revolutionized storage solution that puts low-efficiency, high-cost, complex-to-install-and-operate storage solution in the past.

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