Our Solutions
NOVA-NE aims to bring clean energy at an affordable price to all the people around the world. By focusing on Smart Storage Solutions and High-efficiency Solar Solutions, we manage to channel solar power into your daily life seamlessly. With our innovative technology and solutions, not only our users largely cut their bill on electricity, but also become advocates for environment protection.
SUNFIELD PLUS Residential Solar Solution

We are relentlessly seeking out new and optimal ways to reap the highest levels of power yield from the PV cells in our easy-to-operate solar solutions. Our high-performance solar solutions are especially designed and engineered for residential users.

By embedding tier 1 modules, inverters and high-quality peripherals into our solar solution systems, NOVA-NE SUNFIELD PLUS solar systems feature greater efficiency and higher output at affordable prices. We pre-engineer our solutions to simplify installation so that you can enjoy all the benefits of going solar easily and economically.

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